My name is Matt Numrich, and I’ve been teaching martial arts for over 20 years.  I have been blessed with a ton of experience, as I’ve:

  • Ran multiple defense academies with thousands of students
  • Have taught over 7,000 students personally over two decades for all ages and abilities, with many more through seminars
  • Logged in over 35,000 teaching hours
  • Written for the most prestigious martial arts magazines for over 15 years
  • Trained elite military and law enforcement groups such as:
    • US Air Marshals
    • Agents of the ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms)
    • US Army
    • US Navy
    • Individuals from the Secret Service, Navy SEALs and DEA

As I started teaching so many different agencies and individuals, all with different skill levels, abilities and ages, I found that there were only so many self-defense situations out there… and I’m about to tell you what they are... PLUS show you how to defense yourself against each and every one of them!


sealWhen being hired out by these government and law enforcement organizations, they would tell me how their guys are getting beat up out on the street. Same with my civilian students! They would come in and complain that they got stuck in this scenario or that situation, and needed to know of a quick way to win!

I tried teaching many of them more complex fighting strategies, but most people, even highly trained people couldn’t learn it quickly. I tried tons of different methods but failed over and over, leaving me completely frustrated.

Then, one day I was called in by a guy who the President tapped to be the next head of a big law enforcement agency. For privacy reasons, I won’t publically state who that was, but can send you a letter by him to prove my story (just email me).

He said that he has heard of my work, and wanted to come and take part in one of my training sessions. I was shocked that HE was contacting me, and obviously accepted his request. He came, he saw, he trained, and a little bit later I was asked to meet up with him outside of Chicago for a private meeting.

He said that their agents need a new self-defense system to prepare themselves the many times they can’t get to their guns, lose them or even get them taken away by more skilled opponents. We talked about the specifics of a contract, if I was interested, and that I would still need to be approved by Washington DC.


I went home ecstatic, but completely stressed.  They needed a program which their agents could learn quickly, and could cover ALL dangerous situations they could come in contact with – armed or unarmed, against all different weapons, on the ground and against multiple attackers!  I had the knowledge, but didn’t know if I could deliver it in the short amount of time they needed, as they only gave me a month to draw up my program and have it reviewed.  Plus, it would be reviewed and judged against other self-defense contractors!

I locked myself in my office, got out a piece of paper and brainstormed every dangerous situation I had been in, seen, heard about, read about, seen on TV, shown in the movies and more.  For the first time I realized there weren’t thousands of situations, not even hundreds of scenarios nor were there 100, 80 or 60.

These strategies and techniques covered many different situations, but could all be neutralized by a couple techniques and principles (which I have on a Volume 1 Online DVD I’ll tell you about)… things like…

  • How to “terminate” an opponent using the same program taught to the Navy SEALS
  • The secret “DDP-IT” formula for taking out a thug with a knife or bat attacking you
  • How to use a knife offensively! Rarely taught anywhere!
  • What to do if you’re outclassed by a better weapon in a fight (just like, if you have a knife and your opponent has a gun!)
  • Learn my patented “X-Spear-Sewing Machine” tactic which the elite agents loved!
  • The 3 P’s of stick fighting which you can learn in seconds – and make you look like an Asian master when handling an impact weapon
  • How to use the psychology when facing or using a gun to your advantage using bargaining, exchanging and “no shoot” quick decision making.
  • Tons more!
disc1 - 400

I used a particular “matrix” formula which I developed for another organization years back, and simply entered in this new information.  After everything was said and done, there were only 42 self-defense situations you could be in.  Immediately I called in my best students to try the streamlined strategies I’d just created.  They worked!  But, that I assumed.

Then I called in my other students who were not on top of their game.  Most were out of shape, almost everyone had no experience and a good portion of them were completely unathletic.  There were also a handful of people, who, let’s just say were not the sharpest tools in the shed.

I could even teach them what is on the 2nd Online DVD (I’ll explain in a second), such as:

  • Ground tactics not taught at MMA gyms that you NEED!
  • Positional secrets which will triple your striking power
  • The simple 2 on 1 defensive strategy, covering knives in close quarters!
  • How to ditch and bait your opponent opening up a huge target
  • The secret in performing a perfect choke (not what you think!)
  • The kick off move, giving you the distance and time you need to defend yourself against bigger and stronger men
  • Much more!
disc2 - 400

Once again!  My strategies still worked, time after time, person after person, regardless of age, gender or skill level!  I didn’t stop there though, so I refined these simple strategies into a system.  I wrote up my proposal, and my contact sent it up the chain of command.  I ended up calling it the Street Fighting Matrix, because it prepares someone for every kind of a Street Fight out there!  (Which is why it is perfect for civilians like you.)

Think about it!  What “kind” of attack could happen out in the street, where there are no rules, ethics AND every kind of possibility!?!

EVERY KIND!  Which is why I called it the Street Fighting Matrix, as this formula prepared whoever went through it for every kind of attack, assault and vicious crime!


Two weeks later I got the call from the agency, and they told me what I developed wasn’t even close to what the other guys sent in… and many of them had 10 or 20 years MORE experience than I did!  I ended up running the training in a secret room in a building occupied by the Department of Homeland Security.

I would love to say that it went 100% smoothly, but there were still some “bugs” that these highly trained and experienced agents exposed.  I was able to make the changes on the fly, and everything turned out incredibly!

I went home and refined it again, until I had a rock solid system that could prepare anyone for NOT anything but EVERYTHING!

I was paid a lot of money for doing what I did, so I was very protective of the program, making my students train with me for at least two years until I would expose them to the “matrix”.  When they did, it turbo charged their training, proving that even experienced fighters were brought up to the next level!

These secrets included in the Street Fighting Matrix and specifically taught in the 3rd Online DVD volume cover:

  • The 3 step multiple attacker tactic (this takes if further than my basic mass attack instruction you might have seen in other programs of mine)
  • How to use the “Dangerous Priority” rule to take out multiple attackers with weapons!
  • What to do if one guy attacks you with a knife and the other with a gun! At the same time!
  • How knowing the first step to take when attacked by multiple people can either save your life, or end it!
  • See dozens of real life situations acted out for you, so you can see the strategies in action! All 42!
  • We filmed in a bar, parking lot, out in the street and in a restaurant so you can see how these work in the real world!
  • Too much more to cover here!
disc3 - 400


I ended up taking some of my top students and privately filming the whole program, step by step, technique by technique.  I wanted to make sure I had the unique copyright on it, so no one could say it was theirs.  I even had it written in my government contract that I would retain the rights to all of the information!  No way was I going to let that out, I’d been through too much to have that slip through my hands.

Years later I had a very trusted military veteran go through my program, and he was blown away by what this matrix taught.  He was a little taken back on why I would require someone to train with me for a full two years, coming to class at least twice a week, to get this information.

He told me about some of his life experiences, and made a very good point (ok, several good points) of why people need this information now – not two years from now.  At the end of his wisdom filled lecture I got the point, and decided to find the underground videos I made and convert them to  an online training platform.



Do I hesitate on practically giving this information away?  Maybe, a little, but I think about what that veteran said, and it is worth it.  By far, this is the best self-defense program ever created, and I have the students and government to back me up on it.  That is why I’m making it available to you right now!  Here is what the whole program includes:

  • Access to ALL THREE Street Fighting Matrix DVDS online through our training website. This is a member’s only site where you can watch the videos on your computer, tablet or smart phone! This is not a monthly fee, as I'll give you the whole program at once!
  • Street Fighting Matrix Training Manual and Pictorial Guide. You’ll be able to download this from the member’s website, as it is a full color manual covering every technique and strategy!
  • Street Fighting Matrix Bonus Video Sessions. At the time of taping they were experimental, but we ended up using them for our elite clients and students.  I’ve thrown 5 of them as freebies!  These videos cover:
    • The “mix drill” so you can react like second nature to threats!
    • The “free flow” drill teaching you how to deal with weapon attacks on the ground!
    • The “continuous multiple attacker” drill… super intense stuff!
    • Two more bonus videos!



Only $299

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I was paid a FIVE FIGURE fee to develop and teach this information. You can have it all, plus the bonuses the government didn't get for $299.


If you take action today, I’ll send you everything, including the Street Fighting Matrix Online Access, Training Manual and Bonus Videos for $99. 

Because I trust your opinion, I’ll give you a full 90 days to review the information, instead of the regular 30 day guarantee you see on other programs (a good portion doesn’t have any guarantee).  You have triple amount of the time to check it out, try it out and see how incredible it is!  If you don’t agree it is the best, most complete program out there, just return the DVDs and we’ll shut off your membership access.  I’ll refund every cent of your purchase ASAP.


Only $299

Now $99

I was paid a FIVE FIGURE fee to develop and teach this information. You can have it all, plus the bonuses the government didn't get for $299.


I think so. You are about to be one of the few students on this earth who get to see the same information I taught elite agencies! Order now!


Fight Fearless,


Sifu Matt Numrich

PS:  I can only include the bonus videos by Wednesday, June 26, 2024, as I only want to give them to those VIP members who can take action, protect themselves and loved ones. Order now!


Only $299

Now $99

I was paid a FIVE FIGURE fee to develop and teach this information. You can have it all, plus the bonuses the government didn't get for $299.